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Permitted as a use by right: a use within a zoning district that is permitted as a use by right; a permitted use must comply with all the requirements of this chapter.

The Zoning Officer shall issue a permit under this chapter in response to an application for a use that is permitted by right if it meets all of the requirements of this chapter.
A. Submittal. All applications submitted to the Zoning Officer for a zoning permit involving a permitted use, as designated by this chapter, shall be in compliance with this section. A zoning permit for a permitted use shall be issued or denied by the Zoning Officer, on his own authority, within 30 days after the filing of a complete and properly prepared application.
B. Every application for a zoning permit shall include a copy of the applicant's deed and shall contain the following information and be accompanied by the required fee and by a site plan/plot plan drawn to scale and signed by the person responsible for such drawing.
(1) Site plan. The applicant shall submit a minimum of two copies of a site plan with the application if the application involves a new principal building, expansion of a principal building, the addition of an accessory structure or a use. The site plan shall be drawn to scale and show the following:
(a) Locations, dimensions and uses of existing and proposed structures, parking and loading areas and location of existing and proposed uses of areas of land, with existing features clearly distinguished from proposed features.
(b) Notes showing the dimensions of all buildings from lot lines and street rights-of-way.
(c) Locations of any watercourses, wetlands and any one-hundred-year floodplains.
(d) Proposed lot area, lot widths and other applicable dimensional requirements, including lot number and section.
(e) The exact size and locations on the lot of the proposed structure or structures or alterations of an existing structure and of other existing structures on the same lot.
(f) The existing and intended use of all structures, existing or proposed, the use of land and the number of dwelling units the structure is designed to accommodate.
(g) Locations and widths of existing and proposed sidewalks, if applicable.
(h) Well and primary and alternate septic system locations, if applicable.
(2) Additional information. Any application under this chapter shall include the following information unless the Zoning Officer determines such information is unnecessary to determine compliance with this chapter, as amended from time to time:
(a) The address of the lot.
(b) Name and address of the applicant and of the owner of the property, if different from the applicant. If the applicant is incorporated, the legal names and day telephone numbers of the officers of the organization/corporation.
(c) A description of the proposed use of the property.
(d) All other applicable information listed on the official Township application form.
(e) Such additional information that the Zoning Officer may determine is reasonably necessary to determine compliance with this chapter.
C. Upon the issuance of a zoning permit, the Zoning Officer shall return one copy of an endorsed permit and one copy of an endorsed site plan to the applicant, along with a signed job placard which shall be conspicuously displayed on the job site during all phases of construction. In the event the application is denied, reasons for such denial shall be transmitted to the applicant in writing. One copy of the endorsed permit shall be forwarded to the Monroe County Tax Assessment office.
D. Any zoning permit shall expire if construction has not commenced within six months after the date of issuance or has not been completed within three years from said date, unless an extension, not to exceed six months, is authorized, in writing, by the Zoning Officer.
E. All applications for zoning permits in a C1, C2 or I District, and any nonresidential use in a CON, R1, R2 or R3 Zoning District, shall include the following;
(1) Land development plan;
(2) Approval of soil erosion plans from the Monroe County Soil Conservation District;
(3) Review and comment by the Township Engineer on the land development plan and its compliance with SALDO and other ordinances that may be applicable; and
(4) Review by the Planning Commission and Supervisors if developed with multiple structures or the lot is five acres or greater.