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Zoning Permits
Zoning permits shall be secured from the Zoning Officer prior to the erection of or addition to any building, structure or portion thereof, prior to the change in use of a building and/or change in the use of land, and prior to the change and/or extension of a nonconforming use. <div style="margin-left:40px">A. All applications for zoning permits shall be in writing on forms to be furnished by the Township.<br /> B. Zoning permit applications and all supporting documentation shall be submitted to the Zoning Officer with the required fee.<br /> C. Such applications shall contain all information necessary for the Zoning Officer to ascertain whether the proposed erection, alterations, addition, use or change in use complies with the provisions of this ordinance.<br /> D. The Zoning Officer may require that the applicant employ a registered professional surveyor to establish and certify measurements when it is deemed necessary to insure compliance with all provisions of this ordinance.<br /> E. Issuance of zoning permits. Zoning permits not requiring action of the Zoning Hearing Board, the Board of Supervisors or the Planning Commission shall be granted or denied within 30 days after the official date of acceptance of a complete application by the Zoning Officer.<br /> F. After issuance of the zoning permit and until construction or alteration is completed, said permit placard shall be displayed prominently on or attached to the building or area for which issued so that said permit can be observed by third parties. A zoning permit shall expire if construction has not been commenced within six months after the date of issuance or has not been completed within three years from said date.<br /> G. An extension of time may be granted by the Zoning Officer upon application, in writing, by the applicant.</div> <div style="margin-left:80px">(1) Said extension shall not exceed six additional months for commencing construction and shall not exceed one additional year for completion.<br /> (2) The Zoning Officer may require any additional information deemed necessary prior to granting an extension of time.</div>