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Certificate of Compliance
A. Upon completion of the erection and/or alteration of any building, use or portion thereof, authorized by a zoning permit, the holder of such permit shall notify the Zoning Officer of such completion and, when required, request a certificate of compliance in writing.
B. The requirement to request a certificate of compliance upon completion shall be noted on the zoning permit by the Zoning Officer at the time of issuance of said zoning permit.
C. A certificate of compliance shall be either granted or denied within 30 days after the official date of acceptance of a complete application by the Zoning Officer.
D. The granting of a certificate of compliance shall be certification by the Zoning Officer that the work has been inspected and approved by the Township Building Code Official (who may have to issue a certificate of occupancy if construction is involved), as applicable, as well as the Zoning Officer, and that the work is in conformity with the provisions of the zoning permit, this ordinance and all other applicable ordinances and regulations of the Township.