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Applications and Appeals
A. The Zoning Hearing Board shall act in strict accordance with the procedure specified by law and by this ordinance. All appeals and applications made to the Zoning Hearing Board shall be in writing, on forms prescribed by the Board. Every appeal or application shall refer to the specific provision of this ordinance involved and shall set forth the interpretation that is claimed, the use for which a specified permit is sought or the details of the variance that is applied for and the grounds on which it claims that the variance should be granted, as the case may be.
B. In the event the procedures set forth in this ordinance shall be in conflict with or contrary to the procedures set forth in the MPC, as amended from time to time, then and in such event the procedures set forth in the MPC shall prevail.
C. Applications and appeals to the Zoning Hearing Board, together with the required filing fee, as established by the governing body from time to time by resolution, shall be submitted to the Zoning Officer.
(1) Time limitations. No person shall be allowed to file any proceeding with the Zoning Hearing Board later than 30 days after an application for development, preliminary or final, has been approved by an appropriate municipal officer, agency or body, if such proceeding is designed to secure reversal or to limit the approval in any manner, unless such person alleges and proves that he had no notice, knowledge or reason to believe that such approval had been given. If such person has succeeded to his interest after such approval, he shall be bound by the knowledge of his predecessor in interest.
(2) The failure of anyone other than the landowner to appeal from an adverse decision on a preliminary approval or from an adverse decision by a Zoning Officer on a challenge to the validity of an ordinance or map pursuant to the MPC, as amended from time to time, shall preclude an appeal from a final approval except in the case where the final submission substantially deviates from the approved plan as noted in this subsection.

Information for stay of proceedings can be found here: § 083-080: Stay of proceedings.

Information about hearings can be found here: § 083-090: Hearings and decisions.